Meet Our Staff


Celeste is a native of California and couldn’t stay out of the sun. This travel bug found her home in the Florida sun. As the Manager of the museum, she has shared her passion of historical medicine for almost a decade.


Katie is a long time resident of St.Augustine and a local Actress Seven years at the museum, she finds it rewarding to teach an often un-thought of and sometimes maligned aspect of history. Particularly fond of flowers, teas and botany allows her to share her knowledge with you in the apothecary. She looks forward to your visit at the museum.


Josè (“Josep”) is the hospital’s head surgeon during our historical day tours. He is a caring family man and proud Floridian outside of the museum. He is currently a researcher of Spanish and Caribbean history. Translator for programs and exhibits displayed throughout the Old City. Embraces the hobby of historical reenacting, not only here in the U.S. but also as a part of our National Parks system and events abroad.


Tina is a long time resident of St. Augustine. Proud to be able to share her love of the city’s authentic history of Spanish medical practices.